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BKW is a management consulting firm based in Piscataway, New Jersey.  We provide end-to-end business process management solutions through integration of strategic planning, process assessment, technology implementation and organizational change.  These competencies are delivered in the form of strong program and project management capabilities and methodologies. 

The BKW vision resulted from the vast experience from its owner obtained at both the operational and executive level while employed at multiple major corporations and Big 5 Consulting - Accenture, LLC, working in multiple markets, AT&T, formerly SBC, Telcordia Technologies, and managing non profit agencies at the executive level.

BKW has been instrumental in developing business architectural processes and transforming them into operational support system solutions to meet business needs. The company focuses on creating holistic business solutions through its work methodologies that harnesses the client organizational expertise. We work to formulate solutions that optimize operational efficiencies and the expertise of the company has grown through its valued resource team of technology specialists, business analysts, and experts in program and project management.

BKW was formulated with support and guidance from key corporate executives across multiple industries. The company's President has had success as a Senior Executive Manager for Accenture, LLC, a Big 5 consulting company.  After 9/11 she completed Lessons Learned on business processes and legacy systems that focused on client solution delivery to its customers and processes for disaster recovery.  She was team lead in the successful completion of an assessment, with recommendations, for major airport security system improvements for the Transportation Security Administration within weeks of 9/11. She has managed diverse projects and project teams, nationally and internationally having spent time in Australia and S. Africa, where she was a lead in developing a $400M client solution. Yes, a lot about the President.  However, that tenacity, drive and diversity in experience and working with diverse teams at all levels have been used and parleyed to a corporate framework that will drive and grow success.  We target resources with vision, experience and training that align with best practices for ever-changing business environments and markets. 

Etching the business landscape one client at a time.

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