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What We Do: End-to-End Business Process Management at the Program and Project Management level for Process and System Integration and Management

BKW understands that there is no one-size-fit-all solution in business. We use our expertise and knowledge in business acumen, industry best practices, and methodologies for optimum solutions. We specialize in Business Process Management. Some key areas are as follows:

Perform Business Process Assessment and Redesign
Develop “As-Is” Business Models
Perform Gap and Root Cause Analysis
Develop “To-Be” Process Model Design and Solution Architect
Manage “Off-the-Shelf” Software Selection Process
Deliver Software Configuration and Implementation Solutions
Manage Organizational Transformation
Develop and Deliver Training – Classroom, Self-paced Tools, and Job Aids
Manage Client Relationships for Clients and with Clients
Serve as Executive Consults to Corporate Executives
Develop Business Requirements
Manage Supply Chain Operations Insight into the corporate supply base with our     VENUS™ software solution - Software as a Service (SaaS)

How We Do It: Our Experience & Expertise

BKW works with client teams to develop strategies that will enable them to define and complete projects for key initiatives on time and within budget. Starting with the end in mind and working with the client stakeholders to link solutions to measurable results that drive towards the corporate strategies. Our teams are competitive providing consultants with:

   Industry experience
   Proficiency in Program & Project Management
   Good Client Service and Focus
   Client Relationship Management Internal and External
   Flexibility: Using BKW tools and Methodologies to fit your business needs
   Training from major colleges, universities and professional organizations.
   The SaaS (VENUS™) provides assessment and analysis of corporate       questionnaires to establish metrics and insight for supplier profiles that impact
      the supply chain

"Building Solutions that Link"

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